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Ethical Pet Mouse Chase Electronic Cat ToyYour cat is going to go crazy over the Ethical Pet Mouse Chase Electronic Cat Toy cat toy! This is a battery powered play-house guarantees to keep your cat having fun for hours. You will be entertained when you watch your cat trying to catch the mouse from all the angles they can fit their paws in.

The Ethical Pet Mouse Chase Electronic Cat Toy comes equipped with a can sensitive motion detector. This allows the toy to start spinning once your cat walk near the toy. This allows you to save battery life since the only part of it that is powered on is the sensor, until your cat approaches it. It also comes with a scratch pad on the top of it, so when your cat gets frustrated, as you know they do, they can attack the pad instead of your furniture.

I brought two of these toys home for my cats last night have then haven’t stopped playing with them since. My cats are used to playing in my back yard when the weather is nice out, but now that it’s so cold, there aren’t any bugs for them to chase. I am really excited about the Ethical Pet Mouse Chase Electronic Cat Toy because it will keep my kitty’s entertained and stop them from driving me crazy! You also get two free laser pointers with each order!

I was psyched when I saw that they included free laser pointers, my cats go absolutely bonkers when they see lasers, and one of my dogs even likes it. This morning I had my cat Fuzzball running up the walls trying to catch the laser. I usually feel pretty bad when they finally catch it and try to pick it up and can’t but to them it’s all just fun and games. Between the Ethical Pet Mouse Chase Electronic Cat Toy and these laser pointers, my cats will be busy for a long time to come.

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